CaloriCoolTM designs, discovers, and deploys materials in which reversible, thermal (caloric) response is triggered by magnetic, stress, and electric fields, or combinations thereof.”

CaloriCoolTM Mission

CaloriCoolTM will design and discover high-performance, caloric energy-conversion materials that can be economically adopted by industry for a new generation of energy efficient solid-state cooling/heat-pumping devices and systems, enabling a broad spectrum of applications ranging from residential and commercial air conditioning, refrigeration and freezing, to gas separation and liquefaction. 

CaloriCoolTM Background

Unlike current refrigeration technology that uses vapor compression, requiring significant electrical power and use of various greenhouse gases (GHG), caloric solids can generate cooling when acted upon by magnetic, stress, or electric forces using up to 30% less energy and no GHG. Materials with so-called giant caloric effects have existed for nearly 20 years, but they lack the efficiency and cost-effectiveness needed for successful commercial adoption for home refrigerators, air conditioners, and grocery-store freezers.