Detailed Field Analysis

Ames Laboratory

Finite element analysis is a core area of expertise at Ames Laboratory which supports rapid development of regenerators for caloric devices.

Efficient transfer of energy (magnetic, elastic, electric, and thermal) to caloric materials is required to develop efficient caloric machines. Detailed analysis of magnetic fields, electric fields, elastic fields, and heat transfer aids in the design of mechanisms for efficient transfer of energy to and from caloric materials. Finite element analysis is an effective tool to analyze and optimize complex 2D and 3D fields.

Specific finite element analysis capabilities include:

  • Complex magnetic fields with linear and nonlinear magnetic properties, permanent magnets, and coils
  • Electric fields for linear and nonlinear materials, piezoelectric materials
  • Stress analysis for linear and nonlinear structural materials
  • Conduction and convection heat transfer
  • Field dependent material properties
  • Coupled-physics analysis