CaloriSMART - Small Modular Advanced Research scale Test station

CaloriSMART is a unique system designed specifically for rapid evaluation of materials in regenerators without a large investment in time or manufacturing. The modular design allows for testing 10 to 50 gram regenerators with magnetic, elastic, electric, or combined fields, at operating frequencies up to 5 Hz, and variable heat rejection temperatures.

Test Modules

Magnetocaloric module

  • Variable magnetic fields up to 1.4 T provided by a permanent magnet array
  • Supports testing of packed particle beds, plates, wires, and other regenerator forms


Elastocaloric module

  • Tension or compression stresses from 0.05 to 1 GPa
  • Supports testing of plates, wires, tubes, cylinders, and other specialized forms


Electrocaloric module

  • Electric fields from 10 to 100 MV/m
  • Supports testing of ceramic and polymer thin-film materials in the form of multilayers


Combined field module

  • Dual-field capabilities including magneto-elastic and electro-elastic


Additional Testing and Evaluation

With slight modifications, the caloric modules will be used to evaluate aging effects in accelerated testing.

The team utilizes detailed modeling, rapid prototyping, and flexible test capabilities to rapidly evaluate new concepts for regenerators, active material configurations, and other related ideas.